Monday, December 17, 2007


Well, even though my game was canceled Sunday night at least we were granted a victory over Maine Sunday afternoon and a Happy Hockey Monday.

Sorry, it's so late but life intervenes and trumps hockey from time to time - nothing serious just some scheduling that couldn't be avoided plus digging out from Sunday's storm still.

So, we are treated to a Happy Hockey Monday courtesy of the the stick of Bobby Butler and the hustle of Thomas Fortney and the pads of Kevin Regan.

Due to the inclement weather I couldn't view the game and spared myself the frustration of shelling out to watch on after having heard two stories of poor feeds. I would have to strongly caution people that they be aware that there are definite issues with the webcast that can interfere with their enjoyment of the game. If I hear any more I will be sure to include the perspective of others and for people who have experience with it, your input in the form of comments would be appreciated here.

So, so, so. The game sounded largely like a bore but those who watched claim to have been treated to some fairly exciting hockey to watch. And it seemed like we would see more scoring after Butler scored at just 6:22 of the first period but it would be the only goal between our offensively challenged teams until the final 13 seconds when Peter LeBlanc would net the empty-netter on a lucky swipe from the neutral zone.

You've got to love the goose egg in the opponent's column, especially when it is Maine. And you can't detract anything from the defensive effort aside from taking more penalties than the opposition and allowing 33 shots on net to our 31. But we've got to hope for more on offense - lets face it, Maine's offense is last in the league. I'm still hearing and reading of too many shots going wide and hitting the opposing defense in front. We've got to get quality scoring chances and put a bunch of them away. I know we're playing in a league that seems to have unparalleled goaltending top to bottom (I'll have to check on that) but we've got to find ways to beat the defense and goaltenders.

Way to go guys! Thanks for the W - a nice stocking stuffer for Wildcat Nation!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Check back often as I'll be refreshing who's playing where and bringing you recruit and alumni stories alike.

Go 'Cats!


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