Monday, December 10, 2007

Do I Have To?


I don't really want to talk about this weekend's game so I'll talk around it all I can.

I need to get set up to interview the team.

What happened guys!?

And don't tell me that nonsense about 'You've got to give UMass credit.'

They've got the credit! They've got the two points! They scored four goals to your one!

What'd you do wrong? What are you doing to fix it?

Here I'll show you how it's done.

Happy Hockey Monday - for me at least!

Got to watch a great game on Saturday night (Manchester vs. Wolves - man did you miss out if you didn't go - I did see one other UNH jersey in the crowd. WMUR interviewed Jason Krog and it was aired last night). Had I good game myself last night.

Fratello's wins 5-3!

I'd like to have at least two of those goals back. They were deflections in front that I did not adequately cover in the paddle down position. I've got to work on getting the paddle to the ice quicker and closing holes in coverage when I do. I'd even take that third goal back by diving quicker and just using my body to block rather than trying to take it down with my paddle and my glove. I'll be working on it - guaranteed! Thanks to my team who play awesome team defense and played like hockey geniuses with intelligently executed simple plays - except for that one vanRiemsdyk-like (Trademark!) move where one of my guys threaded the puck through the legs of the defenseman and walked around him to go one-on-one with the goalie and buried it up there with the cookie jar. They kept the play low in the offensive zone, didn't bunch up and kept the feet moving all night.

Go Fratello's!

Well, that's how it's done. Now fess up guys!

Go 'Cats!


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