Sunday, December 16, 2007

December 16, 2007 vs. Maine

I've decided to stay in and I will listen to the game and will grace you with my take from TUMHB HQ

It's a Black Bear powerplay - less effective than our own at this point. We're about five minutes in.

Mike Beck is in the line-up. And according to the call the Black Bears are all over our 'Cats - lots of jump and we've none.

Fortney just out of the penalty box finds Butler and it sounds plenty raucous in the Whittemore Center tonight!

Hey 'bruins980' - there's some Butler from you (see comments from the 'Game On' post)

1-0 'Cats! Butler(3)[Fortney(7)]

UNH powerplay coming up as Radja is tripped up breaking into the zone.

Brad Flaishans stops a sure goal with the puck sitting on the goal line after squeaking through Regan.

Butler PENALTYSHOT - stopped by Maine's Ben Bishop.

Otherwise a boring period and with Keenan Hopson burying the puck right after the buzzer.

Alright the second period is underway.

The University of North Dakota Mice? With the naming of the University of North Dakota Athletics in the works I put forth the suggestion that they adopt the Mouse as it appears a mouse can be engineered to be fearless. Hopefully our 'Cats can teach them fear of the 'Cat once more when they head out to Grand Forks on the 28th and 29th of this month.


Midway through the game.

UNH penalty-kill with 5:27 left to play in the second.

Just noticed that Nick Krates has been put into play among other changes to replace James vanRiemsdyk.

Sorry, fell asleep - *yawn* - about 15 minutes left to play.

Got some more rest - UNH penaltykill (too many men) 5 minutes to play

Seconds to play...

1-0 'Cats...

2-0 'Cats LeBlanc(4)!

2-0 'Cats. Final. People sound happy with the game but it didn't sound like much.

Go 'Cats!


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