Friday, December 07, 2007

Coach Umile Earns More Honors *PLUS*

This title-linked report comes from The New Hampshire - the University of New Hampshire student run newspaper.

Coach is being honored with the Portsmouth area Boy Scouts' Good Scout Award.

An well deserved honor that speaks volumes to his character and the leadership that he demonstrates on and off the ice. Too often in the midst of a season we get caught up in the wins and losses and forget the lessons that a great coach like our own instill in the men that compete in our Blue and White.

Thank you, Coach, and Congratulations!

*Also you can catch a video interview of legendary UNH defenseman, Rod Langway, about the joys of growing up playing pond hockey - I'll never forget playing outdoors growing up myself! Langway had an incredible 69 points over two seasons at UNH with 53 of them coming in his second year in 34 of his 65 career games at UNH.

You can see the other interviews of past NHL greats talking about growing up playing pond hockey at

And I can't remember whether I linked this article on freshman, James vanRiemsdyk, so here it is.

Go 'Cats!


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