Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wildcat Woes and Woahs

Well, after a long absence from the blog I am still unsure of how to characterize the weekend's games.

Obviously the tie with Lowell was less than pleasing and the next night's victory over BC couldn't have been better - or could it?

Taken alone I thought that our 'Cats played a complete game versus BC. The only detractions from Saturday's game was an 0-for-5 powerplay and taking 11 penalties to BC's 9.

It's when it is taken in light of the lost to Northeastern and the tie with Lowell that the win becomes troubling. It seems as if the lack of effort dissipated with the presence of a perceived worthy opponent in BC. I can only hope that this will be an early lesson to take every team with the same gravitas and effort that they took to both Colorado and Boston College.

What this game did show us is that every line is up to the task of contributing against top ranked teams and this is going to be a crucial factor down the stretch.

What I would like to see:

I want to see more creativity with the play. I'm seeing a lot of repetition of play that is not effective and is seemingly being picked up upon by our opponents.

Keep up the effort! 60 minutes! Keep checking and keep skating - and have some fun! Enjoy your time here!

Lastly, get those quality scoring chances! Work that puck, win the one-on-one battles and get open and put the puck on net - try not to let a single shot go wide unless you see a good bounce coming from it. And shoot for the rebound!

Player of the Week: Brad Flaishans. Just edging out Craig Switzer. Brad(2-1-3) had one goal on Craig(1-1-2) for the weekend but his goals were absolutely critical in both games - the tying goal against Lowell and the go-ahead game-winner to defeat BC. Craig edged Brad +4 to +3 in plus-minus but the goals are just too much to ignore. Brad has played incredibly thus far and surely earns the P.o.t.W. honors.

Rookie of the Week: Dan Dries. Drawing penalties, working hard and playing excellently. Two assists on the weekend and has been central to the success of the Freshman Line.

Unsung Hero: Greg Collins - Greg really turned it on, both against Lowell and playing against his brother's old team and it really showed. It seemed that he should have had more just one goal on the Eagles but his outstanding play showed over the entire ice surface and with Thomas Fortney stepping it up as well I think the Collins-Fortney-Sislo line is really coming into its own. So with Greg finding his stride and the way Mike Sislo has been playing it is only a matter of time before this line is contributing goals game in game out.

Pro 'Cats:

Too much good stuff to report on right now I'll get the news out as I have time but for now I'll report on the Deutschland Cup where both Steve Saviano and Eric Nickulas picked up assists during the tournament. Savi's came in the third game to help send them to the championship game and Eric's came in the championship game where the US fell to Switzerland earning the silver medal.

Future 'Cats:

Kevin McCarey scored his lone goal and point in the final game of the USNTDP U-18 Team's Four Nations Tournament effort where they fell to host Switzerland 2-1 in a shootout.

Ryan Bourque was held scoreless in the U-17 Team's Four Nations Tournament bid for the Tournament Championship as they fell to Russia 2-1. Ryan started the tournament by notching an assist in the exhibition game and followed it with a two goal effort in the second game of the tournament for which he was recognized as the best player of the game in a 6-3 win over Slovakia.

Blake Kessel had an impressive tournament at the World Jr. A Challenge scoring two goals and five assists in four games as the US took bronze in the contest. He did not take a penalty in the event.

Greg Burke had goal and two assists on Friday night as his New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs trounced the Boston Jr. Shamrocks, 9-0. Greg has five goals and four assists in thirteen games and leads in team scoring for his birth-year. Greg is a '90 birthdate and most of his team are either '87s or '88s.

Go 'Cats!


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