Friday, November 30, 2007

November 30, 2007 - vs. Lowell

The second game of the season versus the Riverhawks will drop tonight at 7:00pm. Your Wildcat Men's Hockey entertainment options are, in order of visual stimulization

A) Attend the game

B) Pay for viewing on

C) Listen on the UNH Sport Radio Network (including the Yahoo! Internet Broadcast)

D) Get Live Stats on the UNH Athletics Website

I'll be back to report on tonight's line-up as soon as it's available.

*2.5 hours till puck drop*

Still in pre-game mode. Word is that Greg Collins will return to the line-up tonight.

Until then, a little pep talk from Coach Umile from the NHPTV game intro from the 2001-2002 season.

"Only a few can wear that Blue and White jersey. And, it's an honor to wear that jersey, and you go out there and give it everything you've got. They're playing for all the other guys that wore that Blue and White jersey. As you get onto the ice wearing the Blue and White the crowd rises and the cheers and you go out there and you battle. Only the guys that wore the Blue and White, that go out on that ice knows what it's like and what it really feels like." - Coach Umile

Go 'Cats!


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