Saturday, November 03, 2007

November 3, 2007 - vs. Northeastern

1-2 loss to Northeastern.

What a horrible game.

Northeastern was horrible but we were far worse.

ANOTHER HORRIBLE CALL! 20 seconds to play - it's over.

1:15 to play - pp UNH

3:21 and a HORRIBLE holding call on Radja - was called holding for putting his hand on the NU players shoulder and pushing and checking him down - now an appropriate call for tripping drawn by Fortney putting on pressure shorthanded.

I think I even saw some skating!

Whoa! A hit!

6:14 to play

UNH just had an odd-man rush and totally blew it with a bad pass that had no chance of getting through.

7:30 to play and literally nothing has happened at all

15:00 to play

Another odd-man rush shorthanded by NU and we didn't make them pay!

Defense has been absolutely porous at the offensive blueline.

LeBlanc draws a penalty! Chisholm(holding)

Sislo finally gets a good shot on net!

Start of Third

Keys to the third period - play hockey?

Josh Prudden is back in action with the Worcester Sharks but has not recorded a point yet - playing in his fourth game of the season.

That was painful to watch! I'm not kidding.

End of Second - THANKFULLY!


PA guy just said 'great hockey, guaranteed!' I want my money back!

No skating, no passing, no hitting, no shooting, no fight, no batting for the puck, no puck control, no good scoring chances, no good defensive play in any part of the rink, no forecheck, no discipline, no effort... nothing.

I apologize for suggesting that people watch this debacle - this is not hockey.

Hate to say it but this is pathetic. They are doing EVERYTHING wrong. I can't find one good thing about their game tonight.

4x4 hockey

Charlebois (trip)

This is ridiculous! Another shorthanded break on our powerplay!

5x3 Liotti(hitting from behind)

UNH POWERPLAY as the freshmen and Switzer decide they want the puck and want to put it in the back of the net. Silva (tripping)

Guys just don't want the puck and they don't want to put it in the back of the net. Finally it looks like Flaishans actually puts the puck on net from the point and Theissen holds it up.

11:20 to play in the second


On the penaltykill at 13:00

Continued poor transition to defense and Switzer takes another penalty (high-sticking)


Top line is looking great on this powerplay except that they could not generate quality scoring chances.

UNH POWERPLAY! Guzior(hitting from behind on Kapstad)

Collins has been wheeling behind the opposing goal line but cannot get it to the back of the net.

Beginning of the Second

Lets see a new beginning to this game in the second!

The broadcast guys are saying that Rob Gagnon('98) has landed the head coaching job of prep hockey mecca Cushing Academy. Congrats, Rob!

For those who are interested in seeing the nasty CC defender Nate Prosser get laid out see this Goon's World post.

No discipline, no drive = losing score in front of the home crowd faithful.

End of First

Broken play - loose rebound - weak defense in front after UNH's seconds long powerplay came to an end

1-2 17:17 Vitale[Donovan, Chisholm]

4x4 - Vitale (hooking)

Penaltykill - Fritsch (crosscheck) where is the discipline guys?

5:50 to play in the first

Our 'Cats are looking very flat-footed and are getting beat to the puck and are losing every battle for the puck.

Penaltykill - Switzer (hitting from behind)

11:30 to play in the first

But is answered immediately by Northeastern.

1-1 5:45 Macleod[Vitale]

But it's the line of Butler-Pollastrone-LeBlanc that creates a turnover in the offensive zone and some nice passing finds LeBlanc open on the right-wing side of the crease with a wide open net.

1-0 'Cats! 5:36 LeBlanc(2)[Pollastrone(4),Butler(5)]

DeSimone-Dries-Thompson line putting on some great pressure!

Advantage UNH

Oh, penaltykill - Collins-Pollastrone-Sislo line is having a lot of trouble defensively and have one of the lowest +/- of any line thus far especially considering their scoring contribution.

Great to see the Blue and White after a week! But if you can't see this game there is a full docket of hockey games around the country over the next couple hours slated to start at just about every level of hockey.

Start of First!

The puck gliding guys... puck gliding...

I'm checking out the NHPTV online feed for the first time - very nice. If you have a broadband connection and do not get the NHPTV broadcast or on cable it is definitely worth a look. It's free! Except it encourages more coverage to donate to NHPTV and mention UNH Men's Hockey when you do!

Matt Campanale will get a shot tonight in the place of Nick Krates who will not skate tonight.

It will be Kevin Regan in goal again tonight.

Warming Up! Stay tuned.

Go 'Cats!


Blogger Goon said...

Let me guess you ran into a hot goalie?

Nov 3, 2007, 11:21:00 PM  

A 23 save hot goalie... don't think so - it was pure self-destruction.

Try going 0-for-whatever on the powerplay.

Try one of the worst efforts I've ever seen on the Whittemore Center ice by guys in jerseys with 'UNH' on the front.

If you want to know what was wrong in this game just look at the game post between the second in third period. Seriously, that was not just some idle rant - it is an accurate picture of the team last night and there was more that I wasn't going to trouble myself with breaking down.

To a better effort next time.

Go 'Cats!

Nov 4, 2007, 9:31:00 AM  

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