Friday, November 02, 2007

November 2, 2007 - at Northeastern

7-4 'Cats!

vanRiemsdyk gets an empty-netter as time expires

Poor BC-Maine fans a seemingly boring 1-1 game in OT

2:30 to play, 5x5 hockey - timeout NU

3:00 to play

According to the call, Regan is just having a tough night with the puck - that combined with the lazy play brought on by a 6-2 lead and trying to be fancy and not run up the score = two late goals by Northeastern.

Penaltykill - it's just getting stupid. UNH is playing a lazy as a lounge chair.

5:52 left to play

6-4 'Cats! Costello

6-3 'Cats! MacLeod[?]

Powerplay goal - no chance for Regan

*In the AHL Jason Krog has two assists and his Chicago Wolves lead 3-0 and the Grand Rapids Griffins Captain, Garrett Stafford got the first of two late first period goals, 27 seconds apart but they are behind 2-3. Last night saw Darren Haydar pick up another assist in a four goal third period outburst from the Thrashers which couldn't account for the five goals from the Ottawa Senators through the first two.

Butler heads to the box for holding with 7:26 to play for holding

5x5 hockey

9:34 to play in the game!

4x4 hockey will probably still give way to UNH Powerplay but only briefly.

5-on-4 and they are all over it but LeBlanc gets a call after having lost control of the puck.

Sounds like they're trying to be cute about it with a ton of rubber coming from the point.

UNH 5-on-3 for a full two minutes with three more minutes of 5-on-4 afterwards due to the fighting major on McCauley (it is actually a 'Punching Major' that also comes with an automatic next-game disqualification)

NOW. McCauley is escorted from the ice for fighting after Jacques Perreault got nasty on Greg Collins who was viciously crosschecked into the boards and then thrown to the ice and the ensuing scrum caused by the lack of a call by Benedetto, Dennis McCauley threw a punch and was removed for fighting.

6-2 'Cats! Fornataro(5)[vanRiemsdyk(5)]

They're saying that James looked up and saw just one defenseman in front of him and decided to 'toast' him, which he did and then put the biscuit on net creating the rebound for Fornataro who keeps his scoring streak alive.

Fornataro scores on a vanRiemsdyk play that the radio guys are calling as having toasted the defense one-on-one!

UNH POWERPLAY (they're saying it's a bit of a phantom call) for wrapping up Danny Dries who cruised into the post

More great saves by Regan at to start the third - NU has pulled Brad Theissen for Mike Binnington the freshman

Third Period coming up

Regan 25 saves / Theissen 17 saves

More break talk - The radio guys are talking about the freshmen and the young guys on the team. And when you think about it, it's incredible. Everyone talks about how young certain teams are but no one is saying that about our 'Cats (that I've heard) and we have 5 freshman skating night-in-night-out at this point! And then you think about the kids who aren't playing yet - Greg Manz, Danny Vrank and sophomore Danny Rossman who was a +3 last year and had a goal and three assist in 18 games! Then you add in who are by all accounts great defensemen in Matt Campanale (who impressed me in this years exhibition game) and Mike Beck who is supposed to be ready to skate any day now.

Nice job guys! Watch those odd-man rushes.

A little intermission reading for Wildcat Nation from Roger Brown of Seacoast Online
'UNH Preview' - to Matt Fornataro, better late than never! Better late than never.

End of Second

UNH should still close the period on the powerplay

5-2 'Cats! 18:33 Fritsch(2)[Butler(4),Pollastrone(3)]

It will go to a UNH POWERPLAY but before it can Jamie Fritsch picks the far post

Radja works hard on the shorthand to draw a penalty to bring it to 4x4 hockey

And the call goes the other way at the end of the powerplay as Charlebois takes down Ginand so back to the penaltykill

4:15 left in the second


I'm still hearing Sislo all over the ice collecting the puck - still waiting for him to score though.

4-2 'Cats! 13:42 Pollastrone(3)[LeBlanc(4),Butler(3)]


3-2 'Cats! 13:00 Radja(2)[Fornataro(3),vanRiemsdyk(4)]

- the puck crossed the line before James got wood on it.

Great save by Regan on another 2-on-1 shorthand and then Radja comes the other way and drags the toe and puts it to James vanRiemsdyk who wacks it home!


The Thompson-DeSimone-Dries line comes right back but couldn't score and Fornataro now on the ice draws the penalty with some hard effort on his part.

2-2 UNH&NU 11:09 Guzior[?]

It is 1-1 BC&Maine

Another chance on Regan where the puck squirts loose but the defense has been there each time

Gave up a shorthanded 2-on-1 rush then turned it only to have Fornataro and JVR stopped by Theissen

UNH Powerplay - a real one (the first ended before the second goal, very brief)

Benedetto is being called out by the radio guys for putting his whistle away on some questionable plays both ways.

I thought that break seemed long... BC and Maine are halfway through the period while we are at 14:21 - BC has taken a 1-0 lead.

Northeastern is buzzing a bit but more like one of midges that hardly ever bites and the 'Cats continue to control play but Northeastern is getting the puck to the net now and then a seemingly more than we are - that's something that our guys HAVE to work on.

Start of Second

What more could you ask for?

End of Period

Hey, it's this Wildcat Team's best first period ever!

After the 5-on-3's HE Online is now reporting NU outshooting 11-8

2-1 'Cats! McCauley[?]

Shot from outside the blueline... beats Kevin Regan trickling through his pads.

2-0 'Cats! 17:04 Thompson(2)[Kapstad(1), LeBlanc(3)]

Paul Thompson - Can you say goal scorer!?

Paul Thompson on a Kevin Kapstad rebound! In the right place at the right time with the skill to get it to the back of the net.

Fornataro tried a breakout on the shorthand and draws a penalty as Pollastrone's comes to an end so 4-on-4 hockey

Oh, a penalty on Collins (highsticking) more 5-on-3


According to Dan Parkhurst NU is playing their checking line, list as their number two line playing against our top line of vanRiemsdyk(who's headed to the box)-Fortnataro and Radja. A little asymmetrical warfare from Cronin? And Pollastrone goes for an extended 5-on-3 penalty kill

Dries and the freshman line generating some more opportunities - sounds like they are playing great out there.

From the radio call it seems that the 'Cats are dominating play but not necessarily playing an especially intense or sharp game.

Goalies are Kevin Regan and Brad Theissen

1-0 'Cats! Flaishans(2)[Dries(2)]

Great set up by Dries

Start of First

It's game time!

Go 'Cats!


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