Friday, November 16, 2007

November 16, 2007 - vs. Northeastern

Northeastern 4, UNH 1

Flat out beat by the Huskies. Nothing more to say.

It's just a game, right. I don't know why we care or pay so much to see them play it. Oh well, caveat emptor I guess.

The only thing worth noting was that Peter LeBlanc scored the only two goals for our 'Cats at home versus the Huskies.

Go 'Cats!

Tonight we wrap up the season series with the Northeastern Huskies.

Last time out against the Huskies you all know we witnessed a despicable performance from our 'Cats who acted like they merely needed to show up in order to get the win - and we know how that turned out. But we all make mistakes. It is whether we learn from our mistakes that determines our ability to rise above and achieve victory - and this year's team has shown that ability. I think our 'Cats learned a valuable lesson in defeat and the less than favorable tie with Lowell and I think they showed it when BC came to town. So, it falls to tonight to see whether our 'Cats can truly earn redemption and show what they are made of.

So, did anyone else catch Mike Radja as he intensely pointed to the camera before rushing onto the ice for the BC game? It is clear that he knows the way and the fact that he got the first goal in that game speaks volumes to the importance of attitude. You can see what he and Coach Umile had to say after the aforementioned loss in Al Pike's article - Wildcats Anxious to Atone for Lone Loss.

Your viewing options are limited to but you can always listen to the game on the radio or the Yahoo! Internet Broadcast. I believe Live Stats will also be available tonight. You can find all the links here on your UNH Men's Hockey Blog.

The day of atonement has arrived. Game time is a mere 8 hours away.

Go 'Cats!


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