Monday, November 19, 2007


I can't help but to be happy this Monday after the performance of the Thompson - Fortney - vanRiemsdyk line. Freshman Paul Thompson leads his University of New Hampshire Wildcats (I almost said Monarchs!) over a tough Providence Friars team - who had come off of a weekend sweep of Maine, in Orono, the week before - with three goals and two assists including the tying goal and the game-winner in overtime.

Paul Thompson IS the Player of the Week and in my opinion has probably already wrapped up Player of the MONTH for November! After being held scoreless in the horrible losses to Northeastern, Paul immediately jumped back into the fray and scored the first Wildcat goal in BOTH subsequent games! This guy's supposed to be a FRESHMAN!

Speaking of which, this team is also being led in scoring by a freshman, James vanRiemsdyk. While everyone has been expecting the world of him and utterly disbelieving that this Wildcat team could tie a game much less lose one and erroneously persecuting certain individuals as the cause of such, James has taken over the lead in scoring with his efforts alongside Thompson and Fortney in this last game - as a freshman. While Paul had three goals and two assists, James picked up a goal and three assists for a team leading twelve points! Second in scoring is now a tie between yet another freshman, none other than Paul Thompson himself, and senior Captain Matt Fornataro who each have ten. For his contributions this past weekend James vanRiemsdyk is the Rookie of the Week.

Lastly we come to our Unsung Hero, Thomas Fortney. Quiet and unassuming Fortney carried the line with a three assist scoring line. Always a solid two way player I expect that Tom's experience will translate into an asset that this line cannot do without and I expect his point totals to climb alongside these two freshmen scoring machines.

With all that said the 5-4 overtime victory over the Friars will surely raise some questions - like what happened to the rest of the team? The only forward outside that line to register a point was FRESHMAN, Phil DeSimone. Phil assisted on the overtime game-winner on a nice feed to James who found Paul for the goal. The only other player to record a goal outside the forward line of Thompson-Fortney-vanRiemsdyk was Craig Switzer who was set up by the play of Thompson-Fortney-vanRiemsdyk!

Coach Umile, I definitely do not envy your position right now!

Hopefully the upcoming game versus Brown this Saturday will see the return of Greg Collins to the line-up after suffering hip pointer-like symptoms from receiving a heavy hit in the loss to Northeastern and missed the game in Providence. But that means more line shifting!

So, if you are Coach Umile you are incredibly happy that you can almost totally shift lines and still find production but it is troubling that all the production came from one line (largely from freshman which makes you happy and nervous all at once!) and you want to give the lines at least a second game to click but have a very good player returning to the line-up in Collins... what to do!? Well, we all know one thing he WON'T be doing - breaking up the Thompson-Fortney-vanRiemsdyk line!

Good luck Coach!

Happy Hockey Monday!

Go 'Cats!


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