Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trumped By An INCH

More like by INCH - that's Inside College Hockey in case you were wondering - I guess they didn't want to be known as ICH.

So, Nation (yup, Colbert rerun is on right now), I've title-linked INCH's Power-Rankings simply because they recognized a fact that I had yet to realize - this freshman class represents 8 DIFFERENT STATES AMONG 9 PLAYERS! Now they thought it may only be of interest to them but I can assure you that I find that fact to be very interesting. I wonder how many teams can claim to draw players representing 13 different states and 3 different provinces!? It appears we are the great melting pot of the college hockey world. I wonder what it is. The great facility and staff? The terrific campus? The world-class education? The incredibly intelligent and beautiful ladies? I know that's where I found mine!

Whatever it is I know that Wildcat Nation continues to grow, spreading around the world, so that no matter where you go Wildcat Nation is always nearby to remind you of home!

Go 'Cats!


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