Friday, October 19, 2007

Season Opener - October 19th, 2007 @ BU

Without the penalties this game would have been 8-0. Our 'Cats need to find a way to get those special teams points and I certainly did not anticipate 17 penalties through the first two periods and then just one early in the third, but overall it sounds like everything is in place. Great game guys!

Congratulations Coach!

*What was said about about the game and James' goal by BU fans on the USCHO Fan Forum

-That goal by JVR was sick.

-Nothing good about tonight unless you're a Flyers fan.


-JVR's goal was SICK, (stupid HAA for not showing opposing goal highlights) but Dizzy should have gone out and challenged him.

-too bad our game couldn't have been called after the 2nd, huh??[referring to the BC game - the second game in the past two seasons to be called

-Gorgeous goal by JVR. I look forward to catching highlights of his stuff all season!

-JVR should sign with the Flyers now. He'll never score a prettier goal.[doubt that!]

-that was something else....

From UNH Fans:

-Dizzy had no shot. We found Shattenkirk's jock strap near the tobin bridge on our way home

-It was much more impressive in person then it was on that video feed, but still such a sweet goal when watching the replay.

-[Gillespie]He had no chance however on JVR's goal (described as "sick") by Umile.


UNH 4 BU 1!

30 saves Regan, 23 Saves Gillespie

4-1 'Cats!

OMG!!! James vanRiemsdyk just schooled the BU defense and scores! That was electrifying from here!

3-1 'Cats!

Radja scores from Matt Fornataro!

6 minutes to play - I want to hear more intensity late!

8 minutes to play - some great chances - I think we need a little more mentality of just 'PUT THE PUCK IN THE NET'

11 minutes to play

and that line has another great chance after a near break away by Collins

13 minutes to play

2-1 'Cats!

Fritsch scores as Collins finds him and Fortney and Sislo control the play

15 minutes to play


Would you guess UNH penalty-kill at 1:03

Beginning of the Third Period


Andrew Leach has an assist and his Trenton Titans lead 2-1 over the goaltending of Jon Quick (Umass) and the Reading Royals. Jeff Pietrasiak is back-up for Reading tonight.
Shawn Vinz is a +1 and his Charlotte Checkers have a 4-0 lead in the second.
Sean Collins in a -1 and his Wheeling Nailers are down 1-2 to the Elmira Jackals.

The three Hockey East games are knotted after two. The Mass Match-Up is 2-2 and Northeastern and Providence are stalemated the same as we are.

End of Second Period - 1-1

Fornataro scores! 1-1 It's on now!
(assists Pollastrone, Radja)

James and BU defenseman, Colby Cohen took exception to each other and Butler draws a hooking call for a Wildcat Powerplay to finish out the second period!

Another shortened UNH powerplay - nothing, even strength 3 minutes till the second break

BU penalty - 4-on-4 hockey - 7 minutes to play in the second

Only 4 shots in the period so far

BU is just hanging in and trying to capitalize on any chance opportunities - they're just clearing it from their zone every time and now another UNH penalty-kill

Just past the mid-point - Gravalese is killing the game with the reffing.

Another UNH penalty-kill

At this point it seems as our men are controlling play even when down a man.


6 penalties on BU and 5 on UNH at this point = more penalty minutes than minutes played thus far

Even-Strength to a UNH penalty-kill

UNH powerplay

Short (< 5 sec) 5-3 penalty as we begin for our 'Cats

Beginning of the second period shortly


Pay no attention to Andy Shackett - if you want info on 'Cats in the Pros come here first and come here often. Updated every Tuesday or as soon as stats are available - just scroll down the page. Players names are linked to stat pages on various hockey information warehouses and if their team name is linked it will take you to the player's page for their current team.

End of First
Our 'Cats will begin the second on a powerplay if not a 5-on-3 after a dominating first period they find themselves down 0-1 only due to an extreme 5-on-3 penalty killing situation (almost a full 2 minutes of it) in which BU finally and barely managed to score. The play of Kevin Regan sounds fantastic and it sounds as if Wildcat goals will be coming fast and furious in the second as Radja hit a post with 10 seconds to play.

Another UNH Powerplay


UNH Powerplay (shortened)

6:00 to play 4-on-4

More BU 5-on-3 another Wildcat penalty


The only way for BU to get in this game - score on the 5-on-3

Pretty much a 2 minute BU 5-on-3 starting in the UNH zone

Even strength 9 minutes to play UNH 8 shots, BU 6

UNH is on it's third powerplay

12:09 to play in the first - even strength

Thus far UNH is all over BU.

UNH penalty-kill, Radja/Fornataro create short-handed chance and nullify the BU powerplay. 4-on-4 hockey.

Now even-strength

UNH Powerplay early in the game

The season has begun!
Tonight's Line-Up:


On the Blueline:



Kevin Regan


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