Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 27, 2007 - vs. Colorado College

Thompson owns the game-winner with that very Hemingway-esque goal!


4-2 'Cats!

:6 seconds!

LeBlanc seals it with great moves up the ice on the empty net!

2:20 to play icing the other way as the CC player skated in circles waiting for it to cross the goal line

2:53 to play icing by the Tigers

What a nice play by the first line! Charlebois walked in off a nice lofted backhand from Radja as he headed for center-ice in the CC zone and then Fornataro just could not get to the rebound.

5:10 to play

First even-strength goal of the night!

3-2 'Cats! P.Thompson(1)[Charlebois(1), Dries(1)]

Paul Thompson answers!

2-2 as the refs refuse to whistle the play when Foster covers and whistle right away when Bachman covers - poked in from underneath Foster

Hopefully the Coaches can teach these old 'Cats new tricks

4-on-4 (Butler, hooking) - :14

Stop whacking the body with the stick guys!

UNH POWERPLAY - Bad Tigers! (Walsky wraps up Dries gets a holding the stick call)

4:-- Flaishans(1)[Switzer(1), Fornataro(2)]

As Dan Parkhurst said - the BLAST FROM FLAISHANS!

A FIVE-ON-THREE @ 16:00 - LONG 5-on-3


Start of Third

Hopefully the third will show some emotion, some skating, some hitting and some scoring!

They just don't seem to care tonight.

End of Second

Where's the effort guys!? Where's the hitting!? Where's the skating!?

FINALLY, UNH POWERPLAY (Patrosso, hooking)

Being outshot 22-10. Penalties are 8 UNH, 6 CC

Refs lost control of this game as soon as they let CC shove after the save, guess that's how they thing you play hockey out west.

Now it's getting ridiculous! Pollastrone gets called off a face-off battle!

5 minutes to play in the second

Still on the penaltykill

1-1 Hillen (Rau, Vlassopoulos)
You've got to expect that with poor effort and poor reffing

Another dive an a poorly executed check by Fornataro will send the powerplay the other way

Nullified by a dive and Craig Switzer getting lazy

5-ON-3 :43


vanRiemsdyk draws another penalty


Penaltykill (Switzer for Holding) - half-killed already

1-0 Cats! @ 1:50 Fornataro(4) [vanRiemsdyk(3),Flaishans(3)]

Fornataro Scores!

17:35 to play - UNH POWERPLAY - nicely drawn by Paul Thompson


Start of Second

Expect to see vanRiemsdyk instigated all year long. It's very poor sportsmanship but we've seen it in every game (although perhaps not the BU game). Everybody is always trying to knock off the best. Also CC is trying to make up for its lack of physicality by undercutting, or tripping with the body, a very dangerous play that can leave a player severely injured but there have been no calls thus far.

Well, the first is done. It almost seemed like they didn't even care about the first period. I guess they're going to turn it on now. Still wish they would play all sixty minutes. Not as much throwing around of weight tonight - let's see some more of that guys!

End of Period (:53 to kill of Radja's penalty)

Penaltykill, 4-on-3 (Radja, high-sticking)

4-on-4 (JVR and Patrosso)

Nice play on the body by Fornataro in deep

Less than 5 minutes in the first

Stats right now showing CC with a 9-3 margin on shots


vanRiemsdyk made a great play by one defender then got undercut by another

Two excellent saves by Foster and a third!

Butler just leveled a guy on the penaltykill and walked in with the puck then shot wide... took it away again right after that!

Penaltykill (Fornataro - hooking [very questionable as it did nothing])


UNH POWERPLAY (N.PROSSER - contact to the head)

13:17 to play in the first
Thompson-DeSimone-Dries looking good again tonight

Take the body boys!

15:00 to play in the first

Not much doing thus far - but vanRiemsdyk is already playing with his new friend, Nate Prosser of CC again. :)

Start of First

Game's about to start, expect to see the same lines with Brian Foster getting his first start of the season.

Go 'Cats!


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