Friday, October 26, 2007

October 26, 2007 - vs. Colorado College

What'd I tell you bro - 5-3!

5-3 'Cats @ 19:50 Fornataro(3)[unassisted]

Empty net goal Fornataro from Pollastrone!

Less than 30 seconds - empty net CC

Less than a minute to play - Timeout CC - and a standing ovation from the crowd!

Instant Replay! It was so good the refs want to see it again!

4-3 'Cats! @ 17:29 Pollastrone(2)[Butler(2)]!

A minute to go on the powerplay

UNH POWERPLAY on the work of James vanRiemsdyk again! 4:10 to play

The refs have a lot to work on in this two ref system

6:00 to play

Craig 'The Fourth Forward' Switzer gets saved by Kevin Regan with a CC player all alone in front after he pinched in unnecessarily and deep

3-3! @ 9:45 Pollastrone(1)[Butler(1), LeBlanc(1)]

Jerry Pollastrone gets knocked down gets back up holds it and shoots and scores!

And 11:27 to play

13:25 to play


And interference on Pollastrone

Should have call another on CC as vanRiemsdyk was held again


The boys need to take control of this game again.

18:00 to play

Start of Third

That's the hockey they need to play and now all they need to do is sear it into their brains that they live for putting the puck in the back of the net.

End of Second


Back on the penaltykill

Almost, even strength

Finally a UNH POWERPLAY! @ 5:50 of the second

And we're rushing 4 guys! Crazy! But we're all over them in the offensive zone.

Still playing very physical - I like it!

Full-Strength - just over half-way through

5-on-4 for 1:37 - almost back-to-back powerplays for CC

Covered puck and Benedetto was just letting them have at Regan and penalizes Fritsch for protecting Regan. 5-on-3 penalty-kill

13:15 on the clock in the second

Have no idea what they're calling but another penaltykill for us - called interference on Dries.

Totally controlling play, 5-on-5 looks like a UNH powerplay and then we're all over them on the forecheck

Looking a lot more like the Wildcat Team I love this period although the defense just played a CC offensive move a bit soft

We're at the 3:00 mark of the second

Fornataro had missed one in the first that he should have had


2-3 @ :15 Fornataro(2)[vanRiemsdyk(2),Flaishans(2)]
shot and score by Fornataro from vanRiemsdyk

Start of Second

We have not seen a powerplay yet and CC has managed the bounces very well and the shots are not as close as they look (supposedly 8-7, I didn't see 7 from us). CC shots are coming from the slot and our shots are coming from the outside. If we want more goals we've got to get to the prime scoring areas.

End of First

Score is just reflecting the puck getting on the net

1-3 @ 15:10 Hillen[Sweatt]
powerplay goal tipped/screened in front

Switzer takes a necessary penalty in the defensive zone

Paul Thompson and Phil DeSimone look like they are moving very well and putting the body on the Tigers extremely well.

Finished killing a Fortney penalty - 6:45 in the first

Bobby Butler answers!

1-2 @ 9:48 Butler(1)[Flaishans(1)]
8 seconds later - good shot low stick side from the off-wing

0-2 @ 9:40
on a 2-on-1 a good shot beat Regan high over the blocker shoulder

CC likes to shove after the whistle but can't hit during play matching penalties on Dries and Prosser

11:23 left in the first

So far not much of anything going on either way. The guys aren't connecting well on passes but what really stands out is the physical play of our guys. CC is getting the puck on net a bit better for now.

16:30 left in the first

0-1 @ 2:12 Walsky[Johnson]
on a junk goal in front that Regan couldn't corral

Nice to see the cameras catch Jim Abbott in the stands with his boy!

Starting Line-Up:

James vanRiemsdyk, Mike Radja, Matt Fornataro, Craig Switzer, Brad Flaishans

Full UNH Line-Up:

21 vanRiemsdyk--22 Radja--39 Fornataro
11 Pollastrone--9 LeBlanc--12 Butler
8 Collins--17 Forney--14 Sislo
15 Dries--23 DeSimone--20 Thompson

4 Switzer--19 Flaishans
2 Fritsch--7 Charlebois
18 Krates--5 Kapstad

32 Regan
29 Foster

Paul Thompson will skate in the place of Danny Rossman

In Goal:

Kevin Regan vs. Drew O'Connell

While we're waiting - Al Pike's article in advance of this match-up.

6:44pm - Warm-ups are nearly done and I'll be posting the line-up as soon as I know it.

Go 'Cats!


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