Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fall Cleaning

Well, I've spent the last few days cleaning and arranging the blog in preparation for the upcoming season. It's been a lot of work and some of the changes are minimal but I think that they combine for a more pleasant viewing experience here at your UNH Men's Hockey Blog.

So, what's new this season?

Well, I've fully updated the list of our 'Cats Playing Pro - as best as I am able to at this point with a lot of movement still happening as the season openers approach. Please let me know if I've missed anyone. Eventually I would like to add a section that covers 'Cats Coaching as well - I'll get there eventually! From my count there are 30 (make that 31 32!) Wildcats playing professional hockey this season representing the past 15 years of Wildcat Nation Hockey.

I've got what I think to be a nicely configured table of the incoming recruits located below the 'Cats Playing Pro section, titled Future 'Cats. I'll be retaining the recruit info for our new, freshmen 'Cats for your reference pleasure. Keep tabs on new and current Future 'Cats as I'll be updating regularly and if you should like to see a Future 'Cat in action you can look through the Current Team list to see if any are nearby - almost always a good game to catch when our 'Cats aren't playing.

Then there is the Hockey Sites Rankings. While it may be tough to crack the top ten your UNH Men's Hockey Blog is ready to break into the 20th spot soon. It should continue to move up throughout the season - so tell all your friends to check this place out and if you have a site, link me! I should also mention that the Paypal Donation button is here - to date I've collected a whopping $0! And that's fine by me - I do this out of love the financial benefits are just icing ;). No, really, I created this blog out of love and admiration of our beloved 'Cats and while I have the time to bring you this blog (well, I make the time!) I don't have the financial resources to improve the coverage such as purchasing online streaming video to report on Future 'Cats and such. Should you decide to donate, a note with the donation concerning any specific interests would be regarded with the utmost consideration and while coverage will reflect such, the source will be held in the strictest confidence unless otherwise desired which is how I treat informational sources as well. And speaking of financial considerations I should also mention that I am interested in pursuing advertising - if you're interested in advertising on my blog do not hesitate to contact me.

Then we come to my personal favorite, the Wildcat Nation Frappr Map which is just over the top! With 3159 members as of last count it continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Thanks to all those 'Cats who've said hello(and non-'Cats too!), posted a shout out and especially those who've shared a picture - you're awesome and you show us what Wildcat Nation is all about!

As we get to the bottom of the page (before we get back to the top) I've added page translators for those who don't share the language since I'm not well-rounded enough to post in other languages either! And you'll probably notice the Firefox tab - I love it and I think you will too. The fire keeps spreading and by my records it now accounts for 15% of the traffic on TUMHB.

So, lets finish up by taking it back to the top. We've got our beloved hockey program's post-season high-water marks and a revised Upcoming Games section that includes links to the new UNHWildcats.TV site and to the schedule and live stats on the Official Site. I'm personally holding out on the Wildcat.TV until the infrastructure of this country is updated and maintained the way it is in Japan where they can watch FULL-SCREEN, CABLE QUALITY BROADCASTS ONLINE!!! We should be ashamed.

Just below that you can always find the latest poll - vote! As well as the fantastic NHPTV links where you can see archived broadcasts (back to 99-00!) and be sure to donate whatever you can at least once a year (they have tons of great programing but be sure to mention UNH Hockey).

This section also includes the UNH Hockey Playlist! (At least what I know of it.) Here is where I have a special request. If anyone owns the tracks I would like to see if they could upload them and have their playlist embedded so that we can all listen to the full songs (I'm not sure if it will work this way but I would like to see). And just below that, a recent addition, a link to the UNH Band Songs!

Last, but not least, we come to the link section. There are a number of new links and more will come as the hockey blogging community becomes more interconnected and more great sites come online. The link section is of course followed by the Hockey East Standings and the current player stats as well as information about our incredible coaching staff.

Well, that's the end of the tour, folks! Let me know if you have any constructive criticisms, ideas or comments as they are always appreciated.

Let's have a great season!

Go 'Cats!


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