Thursday, September 13, 2007

Juicy Tidbit

Well, it appears that my sources are quite a bit better than I give them credit for (I'm sorry I couldn't believe you but without some official report - which we now have thanks to USHR - I'd rather not go about posting heresy. Nice catch though, you know who you are!) Well, it's official Will O'Neill will not be a Wildcat.

It appears that our Wildcat Men's Hockey Program cut ties with O'Neill after he began to let himself slide this past season (I've heard that many players lose themselves when they travel to the USHL away from their families often for the first time). With falling grades and reporting in poor shape our coaches felt that they had seen enough to terminate contact with O'Neill, reportedly leaving a bad taste in his mouth.

Let in be known to current and future recruits - should you have the honor of being offered a scholarship or even a position on the University of New Hampshire Wildcat Hockey Team - it is just the beginning! From that point on you should focus on your academics and your training more than ever.

To Will I have this to say: while it may not have been to your liking, the coaches at the University of New Hampshire brought out the man in you with some tough love.

They definitely did him a favor - uh, well, maybe. After losing favor with our alma mater, O'Neill turned his season around, according to his coaches and - are you ready for it - was brought on as a 2008 Maine Black Bear recruit.

I think this fact, that they were able to allow a boy to become a man (assuming he has turned things around) speaks to the character, skill and talent of our Men's Hockey Coaching Staff. In one move they have allowed a young man to find the path for himself and saved the Team from any problems regarding someone who does not fit the Wildcat mold.

We certainly won't hold anything against you, Will - well, except the fact that you're a Black Bear! Good luck! You'll need it!

>The Hockey East Blogger has posted a list of HE players attending camps - some work buddy. Very nice of you. Could you sort it by team? JUST KIDDING!<

Go 'Cats!


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