Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Noisy Crickets

Yeah, it's been quiet around here lately - somebody shut those crickets up!

Given the quiet, I've made a few subtle changes and have posted a new poll which is showing high expectations of this year's team. The Wildcat Nation Frapper map is still exploding with new members - very nice of those who've introduced themselves and given a little shout out to the rest of Wildcat Nation. Any suggestions for improvement around here before the season begins would be welcomed.

Well, the rink I play at finally opened and I highly recommend that the playa's out there hit their respective sheets. Felt really good to be back out there with that good ol' vulcanized rubber bouncing off me. Still have a bit o' rust to shake off. To help shake off that rust I even hit a roller game last night after spending 2 hours on the ice yesterday - I feel great!

Whilst at the rink I learned that Alan Thompson has undergone yet another knee surgery and is recovering well but will most likely red-shirt this season. Not to blow his cover or anything but he is reportedly an excellent student and will most likely continue his education at our beloved alma mater into post-graduate studies allowing him to exhaust his eligibility. According to my source Alan is continuing to receive attention from professional clubs who are hoping, as are we all, that he will return to competitive form. Hopefully I'll get to test my skills against him again this year - more hopefully, I will be glad to see him testing our opponents. Wildcat Nation wishes you the best!

James vanRiemsdyk had a strong showing at the U-20 US Hockey National Junior Evaluation Camp. He recorded 2 goals and 1 assist in the seven games, with the US coming out on top. His most impressive stat was going perfect throughout the ENTIRE camp on the shootout - WHICH WAS HELD AFTER EVERY GAME!

Here are the pictorals from Melissa Wade:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Solos

And a Hockey's Future Q&A with James, here.

Lastly, a piece of news that I'm loathed to discuss. Richard Osborne, "The Voice of UNH Hockey" has had his contract terminated for a class B misdemeanor offense committed far outside his duties as the announcer for Wildcat Nation Hockey. If you have not heard, which is the only reason I'm publishing anything here, and would like to know more about the incident that led to this terrible decision, this Boston Herald article discusses it well.

I want to personally thank you Mr. Osborne for all of the hard work that you have put in over the years for the University of New Hampshire Wildcat Hockey Team.

My Sincere Thanks, You Will Be Missed.

Go 'Cats!


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