Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oddball Wildcat Stat (New Roster)

I title-linked the new official roster (only a month or so behind me official page!). They've yet to update the players' year in school, so pay no attention to that and I don't believe the jersey numbers are set yet but don't quote me on that one.

So, oddball stat he says. What's he going to come out with this time? Well, it's not too oddball but I wanted to do a rough test for essentially the densest player on the team - now come on Nation, I'm not implying Joe Charlebois is dense in that manner - would you!? (For the record, I have him beat at 240 lbs over 6'1" of height - a lbs./in.-of-height density of 3.29! (As a note I'm a woodworking/lumberjack sort when I'm not hunched over the keyboard - yeah, I'd look strange if you saw me blogging! But I'd like to think I make a decent puck-stop when I'm in net.) So, without further ado...

Your UNH Wildcats: lbs./in.-of-height density
Joe Charlebois3.08
Paul Thompson2.91
Jerry Pollastrone2.85
Matt Campanale2.82
Mike Beck2.74
Peter LeBlanc2.71
Craig Switzer2.70
Jamie Fritsch2.70
Phil DeSimone2.67
Matt Fornataro2.64
Kevin Kapstad2.64
Nick Krates2.64
Alan Thompson2.60
Greg Manz2.58
Danny Rossman2.57
Kevin Reagan2.57
Danny Vranek2.54
James van Riemsdyk2.53
Bobby Butler2.50
Mike Radja2.47
Thomas Fortney2.46
Greg Collins2.46
Scott Savard2.46
Danny Dries2.44
Brian Foster2.43
Brad Flaishans2.43
Mike Sislo2.42

Overall I find it an interesting statistic - you have defensemen Joe Charlebois and Brad Flaishans who are at opposite ends of the spectrum. You have Jerry Pollastrone who just doesn't come off as one of the toughest guys out there - but I would watch out. You have the tallest guy on the team, James van Riemsdyk, running ever-so-slightly behind our team's shortest, Danny Vranek. This all assumes no typos. Enjoy what you get out of it. If anyone wants to run any interesting statistics (like average height/weight or anything really) please let me know and if you'd like, I'd gladly post them up here.

Go 'Cats!


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