Monday, July 30, 2007

Alumni Game Roster *UPDATED*

I was passed along some information regarding the rosters for the alumni game (I expect a few more will show).

Your UNH Wildcats!

Blue TeamWhite Team
Bob Blood(74-78)Brian Byrnes(80-85)
Peter Douris(83-85)Ken Sharpe(62-66)
George White(80-83)Dana Barbin(77-81)
Bill Batchelder(61-65)Dan Muse(81-85)
Mike Rossetti(84-88)Andy Brickley(79-82)
Ryan Brandt(66-70)Tom Moulton(73-77)
Ken McKinnon(58-62)Jim Abbott(99-03)
Jon Fontas(74-78)Tim Hanley(84-88)
Tim Burke(73-77)Josh Prudden(99-03)
Bob Chebator(90-94)Richard Lamontagne(59-63)
Greg Rota(83-87)Walter Read(55-59)
Brian Yandle(02-06)Glenn Stewart(90-94)
Paul Powers(73-77)Frank Barth(77-81)
Mark Doherty(80-84)Josh Ciocco(03-07)
Scott Ellison(80-85)Jeff Pietrasiak(02-06)

*The years listed are, as best as I was able, (first fall-final spring) of their time playing at UNH. The Alumni Game usually runs two games with the second game featuring many of the more recent alumni but I do not have that list. You can see last year's list here.

Go 'Cats!


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