Sunday, May 06, 2007

Support UNH Hockey

I just wanted to let Wildcat Nation Hockey Fans know that now is a great time visit our NHPTV link and donate! New Hampshire Public Television's fiscal year comes to a close on June 30th and because of this are currently busy setting their broadcast schedule for the next year. So, get over there and tell them that you want to see even more UNH Hockey games and how about some re-runs of past seasons for a midnight run!

Also, if you scroll down a ways you will find the hockeysites rankings button. Get over THERE and tell everyone what you think about UNH Hockey and your UNH Men's Hockey Blog. From what I've seen, if everyone who regularly visits the site votes we will easily break into their top ten.

As you look around for more links on the page make sure you note the number UNH Hockey related links, the Firefox link (the browser that I design the page for), the Paypal Donate button for this blog and more.

So, even though the season is over there is still plenty to do to support UNH Hockey - speaking of which I will hopefully be adding a link to the excellent folks over at the Friends of UNH Hockey!

Go 'Cats!


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