Wednesday, May 02, 2007

News and Games Tonight

I love the kid already!

Check out the incredible, title-linked article about Danny Vranek! Simply incredible - I can't wait till he gets here!

Look forward to seeing you play Danny-boy!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to Wildcat Nation - for real!

Thanks to NCAA Watcher over at the USCHO forums for putting me onto this story!

As well, James vanRiemsdyk blogs! Check it out!

Thanks to OvahInDovah for this one, also from the message boards.

You've gotta love UNH Hockey right now!

Next-Round Playoffs Commence Tonight:


The Chicago Wolves with their two standouts Darren Haydar and Jason Krog will take on the Iowa Stars at home.


The Waterloo Blackhawks with their two standouts Blake Kessel and Matt DiGirolamo will take on the Indiana Ice in Indiana.

Updates will be coming tonight.

*We'll start with the USHL and the Waterloo Blackhawks. DiGirolamo did not play but Blake certainly showed up with his game face on. Chalking up 2 assists on the night he did all he could but it was not enough as the Indiana Ice squeaked by 4-3 in this first of the Round Robin, Second Round of the Clark Cup Playoffs.

Now to the AHL where the Chicago Wolves come out of the gate like a rabid wolf! Blanking the Iowa Stars 7-0! Amazingly neither Darren, nor Jason, nor linemate Brett Sterling scored an even strength or powerplay goal tonight and of the three only Jason tallied a point, scoring an empty-net shorthand goal with just under four minutes to play to make it a 6-0 game. Whew! Imagine if they get it fired up!?

Go 'Cats!


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