Friday, April 13, 2007

More Facts About Darren Haydar

Already has set two AHL records...

1.Most Consecutive Games with a Point - 39 (he scored more than two points per game up to this time!)

2.Most Game-Winning Playoff(Calder Cup) Goals - 6

He currently has 73 points in 56 playoff games in 4 playoff seasons. This is just 46 points from the league record for career playoff points at 119 points. For comparison, heading into this playoff season, Darren had 35 points in 21 playoff games last year and in his second year in the AHL scored 26 points in 22 games. Given his historical average he could overtake the AHL career playoff mark in 36 games or two seasons of deep playoff runs.

His current point totals stand at 394 regular season points in 364 games and 467 total points in 420 career games.

Youngsters listen up! If you are looking for a hockey role-model, look no further!

Congratulations Darren on all you have accomplished! You are an inspiration!

TRIVIA: There were no responses to my trivia question - What Chicago Wolves franchise record did Darren Haydar set before becoming a Wolf?

ANSWER: The most points scored AGAINST the Wolves by a single player in a single season! In 10 match-ups Darren "Wolvesbane" Haydar had 20 points against his current team - I guess Chicago took a listen to that old saying "If you can't beat'm, join'm"!

Go 'Cats!


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