Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In Case You Were Wondering

Not too much news to report. I'm still recuperating from this vicious illness but I'm nearing a healthy state once more.

I did find one thing... IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING! Our incoming goaltender for the fall of '08, Matt DiGirolamo would seem to have most people tongue-tied (I guess maybe not if you are Italian?) if they were trying to read his name. Well, I located a pronunciation from his old Jr. Flyers team (the one that he, Greg Manz and Matt Campanale played for). So, if you were wondering and butchering it - I've heard 'DiGiorno' and the suggestion of the nickname 'Jiggy' - it's (DEE-zhur-AWL-a-mo).

So, everyone has a year to practice it before he gets here!

Alright, the medicine is making me loopy - I'm going to stop writing now...

Go 'Cats!


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