Monday, April 02, 2007

Done Deal

First off I want to say how great it is to see all five of our seniors out there playing pro hockey. I don't care how anyone may disparage any league that is not the NHL. I for one know what a difficult game hockey is to master and I have played against players that were incredible players but still could not manage (whether due to lack of ability to play at that level or just not having the drive to play in these supposed 'lesser' leagues for sums that, well they're still better than teacher salaries) but still they could not manage to crack the system. Hopefully all five will complete their courses and obtain their degree which I'm sure they have all worked hard for and continue their pro careers for as long as they wish.

Now, early departures. I see two potential sides but staying always wins. I think that the player obviously has the right to make whatever decision is best for them and their family - this is STILL the land of the free. But, BUT, the players, it would seem, have made a commitment to the TEAM, and while you can find a ME in TEAM, the TEAM becomes TA when you take the ME out. You can argue that it's all about the money till you're blue in the face (like all good 'Cats are) but that will get you nowhere. What about the education? Trevor said he put in his two years - someone needs to tell Trevor that UNH is a four-year school (I know, no one needs to remind me that the University has valuable two-year programs through the Thompson School, I have known a number of people for whom these programs were tremendously important to their success). Anyhow, those two years are valued at approximately $45,000 - not to mention future value - just for argument's sake, of course. And the last thing is, once you're gone, you're gone. This is a move that cannot be undone. As a hockey player who chooses to leave college early (assuming you haven't done these things already) - you can't go back and win a Hobey; you can't go back and win a National Championship; and you can't go back to experience senior night celebrating your four years as a UNH Wildcat and soon obtain your degree from the University of New Hampshire. In my mind, no one who does not want to experience all of these things has any business coming to the University of New Hampshire. We all know that things change and I'm not saying that there are not possible exceptions but, BUT, if these three things are not among your goals when you come to UNH why bother?

Go 'Cats!


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