Monday, February 05, 2007


What The Heck Hockey Monday.

So, let's all hope the injuries are out of our system now. Let's get on with this season and dominate down the stretch.

Next up - merrimack on Friday (I'll be setting up a new section of the UNH Men's Hockey Blog to list up coming games so you can see them at a glance - Don't forget our team stats section, 'Cats in the Pros section and the Future 'Cats section). DEFINITELY not a time for any let-downs! We need to come out and show the dominance that is UNH Hockey! It was nice to see everyone back healthy now let's get those lines clicking like they were!

If you've noticed, I am purposely ignoring talking about recent games. I will say that from where I was sitting it looked like bishop stepped into Smith's path (like he was coached to do) and exaggerated the contact (like the entire maine team was coached to do) and inadvertently injured himself. And I want the real Gravellese back! Alright, that's it, they're over and done with, time to move on!

As far as our PWR (pair-wise ranking) we're still looking good especially when you factor in a bonus for good, road wins. We'll need to keep winning to stay at the top although it really shouldn't affect anything other than our opponent when it comes time to return to the Verizon Wireless Arena for national tournament hockey in front of the home crowd.

More importantly is to get out there and play good hockey - no - GREAT HOCKEY! I want to see some great hockey throughout the rest of the season!

Go 'Cats!


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