Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Trash Talk

This post is title-linked to the merrimack rink rat blog - you will never see this happen again.

But I have a few things to point out.

FIRST off - I want to commend the merrimack blogger for putting together a blog far superior than the play of his team warrants. I know that my lowly attempts are far below what our 'Cats deserve so I continue to ask for writers.

LASTLY - I want to bring full attention to the low-ball smear tactics involved in his blog.

* Merrimack and UNH got "physical" at THE END of the period to say the least. I thought that the officials could have dONE a better job of quieting the situation, but there was a lot going on at ONcE, and they can't see everything.

Merrimack wasn't innocent at all, but neither were the 'Cats. The first scurmish started because Joe Loprieno took a shot at a UNH face mask.

The taunting coming from the UNH bench may have been a cause for the second round ... I had my head down typing about the first so I will admit that I did not see what Robitaille did to get the game disqualification.

ONE instance was Jacob Micflikier on the UNH bench appearing to flash the number ONE and ThEN the number 10 on his hands to signify that UNH was in first and Merrimack in TENth. He followed that up my mockingly clapping at the Warrior bench. He could also be seen yelling in the direction of Ryan Sullivan and Matt Byrnes who were both at separate times standing near the penalty box as things were being worked out.

There were others too, those were the two that stick out. I will give Umile the benefit of the doubt and say that he did not see these.


FIRST alleging taunting to justify his team's childish response to being beat - mainly taking cheap shots and just generally giving up any attempts at playing hockey. ThEN taking a pot-shot at our highly regarded coach! This, for ONcE, proved too much to ignore such ignoble attempts at betraying the good name of the UNH Men's Hockey Program.

If there is any response forthcoming from merrimack I expect it to be on the ice - if they see fit to make the playoffs we'll see them there! FIRST versus LAST!

Go 'Cats!


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