Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Looking Into My Crystal Ball

... I see Future 'Cats!

Thursday afternoon, February 8th, the NH Jr. Monarchs will take on the Green Mountain Glades!

This game will showcase numerous future D-1 talents and, the reason for this post, three future UNH Wildcats!

For the Mo we have the league leading scorer and Future 'Cat right winger, NH born and bred, Paul Thompson, and his teammate, another up-coming star, and another NH born and bred player, Future 'Cat left winger, Greg Burke.

For the Glades we have our newest recruit, Future 'Cat, Matt Campanale and his incredible offensive upside from the blueline, good enough for third in scoring on his team and tied for third in scoring in the league among blueliners.

It ought to be a good game!

Game time is a tough-to-make, 2:00pm, at the Tri-Town Arena in Hooksett, NH! (I have previous commitments and cannot make it! - this match-up occurs again on Sunday Feb. 18th at 9:00am at Foxboro Rink 1, for those near enough to get there)

So, if you can, go check out the future of UNH Hockey where you'll get to see three Future 'Cats in action in one game (you could potentially see as many as four Future 'Cats in action if you attended a USHL game between Green Bay (Mike & Mike, Borisenok and Sislo) and Sioux City (Phil DeSimone and Mike Beck - hey that would be all three Mike's that are coming in this fall!) - the Four Future 'Cat Match-up occurs in Green Bay on Friday, March 9th and Saturday, March 10th at 7:00pm - mark your calendar and plan your trip!). An EJHL game between the Monarchs and Bruins would also showcase three Future 'Cats bringing Stevie Moses into the mix with the Bruins (THIS match-up will take place on Sunday Feb. 25th at 2:10pm at Tri-Town Arena in Hooksett).

Go Future 'Cats! (That sounds too much like, Thunder 'Cats, which would be appropriate after Saturday's game against maine!)

Go 'Cats!


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