Monday, February 26, 2007

Let Me Be The First To Say



Now, maybe this was mentioned SOME where - quitely whispered in some dark corner. Maybe it has to do with the result of Saturday's game (Hanson I'm giving YOU! FIVE MINUTES IN THE BOX!). Speaking of which, while we're handing out freebies I would recommend letting bc win both games so they can stay in the national tournament and push bu down to third place in HE in which case they would most likely face vermont again! Of course we'll most likely be facing providence again and let me remind you of how badly they beat us last time out... 7-1! 7-1! 7-1! 7-1! 7-1! 7-1! 7-1!

Really guys, I'd like to say some nice things here but this here blog is only about UNH Men's Hockey! You've got to GIVE ME GOOD THINGS TO WRITE ABOUT! Winning the Hockey East Regular Season on a night when you got shredded like a wet paper bag - not high up on the list of things I'd like to see... ranks right below seeing the black bears win a single game in a season. (Makes you wonder if it's ever been done before - clinching the HE Regular Season Title on a night that you get made to look like little girls losing 7-1! 7-1! 7-1! 7-1! 7-1! 7-1! 7-1! - I will continue to remind you 7 times in honor of every sad goal that was let up - maybe I'll be nice and only remind you six times since you did manage to score ONCE!

Another HE Regular Season title... yea.

Go 'Cats!


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