Saturday, February 03, 2007

It's On!

And it's LOUD!!!

Thundersticks are destroying eardrums and our 'Cats are all over maine but maine's diving is fooling the refs again as we're killing a 5-3...

Go 'Cats!

more maine diving

Go 'Cats!

maine diving pays off the same as last night...


Go 'Cats!

We're playing well with a lot of intensity. Very physical. We're just going to have to stay all over them and over-whelm them.

end of first

Go 'Cats!

The reffing has gone further downhill in this game and the maine diving keeps improving. A big scrum involving Smith after he clipped bishop and bishop made it look like he was hit by a bus and hurt himself. This game is lost. Well, bishop has left the game at this point. Hopefully we can capitalize. More ridiculousness and maine FINALLY gets called for diving. This league definitely needs two refs. This is all within a matter of minutes.

Go 'Cats!



Go 'Cats!

Gravalese is blowing this game.

Radja pokes in the second UNH POWERPLAY GOAL!!!

2-1 'CATS!

Go 'Cats!

More maine diving, more ref blowing the game. We're still winning!

Rumor is bishop gave himself a concussion. Serves him right.

Go 'Cats!

Alright, so they're claiming a groin injury - can you say faker!

2-1 WIN!

Go 'Cats!


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