Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In The Box

This is a new selection I'll be adding to this blog to highlight perceived ills in college hockey - concerning our 'Cats of course!

This week USCHO gets TWO MINUTES for 'Obstruction Interference'.

Unlike usual bu decided to play us standing up during last weekend's series and the reffing wasn't TOO bad (the refs will be getting FIVE MINUTES in an upcoming episode of "In The Box") but USCHO takes the cake for almost totally ignoring one of the top teams in college hockey on a consistent basis (or should I say BIAS!). Now granted, we're not Notre Dame who suddenly found a streak of ridiculous puck luck and has the weakest schedule in the TOP 20! We didn't go undefeated as long as Minnesota. We're not west of I-91 unlike some team west of I-91 you hyped up that beat bc then had back to back ties against merrimack. Why should we get any press? (and you wonder why I don't PAY to read YOUR press!)

How 'bout making the Tournament 13 of the past 16 years (YES WE WILL MAKE IT THIS YEAR!)?

Making the Frozen Four, four times in the last 10 years finishing third twice and Runner-Up twice.

During this span - four Regular Season Hockey East Championships and two Hockey East Tournament Championships.

And on top of all this one of the best offenses in the country THIS YEAR, one of the best if not THE best goaltender in the country THIS YEAR, put together the second best undefeated streak THIS YEAR, leads Hockey East THIS YEAR, spent week after week on top of the pairwise THIS YEAR, have a ridiculous road game record THIS YEAR and we lost and tied this past weekend with the season winding down and the post season looming.

What!? I could see the headlines... "UNH Heading For Broke... Again?", "UNH + The Stretch = Disaster", even just "Terriers Take Three from sliding 'Cats"... but NOTHING!? (ok a little article by Jim Connelly... THE HOCKEY EAST WRITER LAST I KNEW!)

For consistently ignoring one of the great college hockey programs win or lose... enjoy your time in the box USCHO and think about what you have done!

SKATE! SKATE! SKATE! SIT DOWN ______! (you can fill this word in on your own)

Go 'Cats!


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