Monday, February 19, 2007

Coming Home

New reports provided on the Unofficial UNH Hockey Homepage show something of the nature of the University of New Hampshire and the UNH Wildcat Hockey Program - and even something about Wildcat Nation itself.

Will O'Neill will enroll in the fall of 2008. He will come in with fellow USHL'er Blake Kessel to man the blueline. We'll be keeping tabs!

Greg Burke has selected 2009 as his year for entry to the UNH Men's Hockey Team. Being a young fellow this will give him even greater opportunities for development before coming to join our Wildcats. Wildcat Nation will eagerly await both arrivals and continue to track your progress!

Along this line Ryan Bourque and Julian Ciocco are considering our 'Cats as their choice for 2009. Most of you will recognize these name (you'd better ALL recognize these names!) Ryan being the son of NHL Legend Ray (his sister Melissa attended UNH) and Julian being the younger brother of current UNH Wildcat Hockey Captain Josh Ciocco. Looking back over the years and the continuous stream of 'Cats with family ties, I find it tremendously telling about how UNH feels like Home.

To all Future 'Cats and potential 'Cats everywhere, we look forward to learning more about you and hope that you find a good Home here in Wildcat Nation.

Go 'Cats!


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