Saturday, February 03, 2007

Blame It On Injuries

First Radja, then Micflikier, then Hemingway? What is going on?

It is obvious that our offense has collapsed of late - I still refuse to let our team off the hook for not finding a way to win. When Greg Collins (snipe it more often man!) puts us up 2-1 going into the third, the defense and the goaltending has to hold - even with poor, biased reffing. Three times last night maine had forwards skate right past our defense on the outside, UNACCEPTABLE!

We're in it and we can win it, if we're healthy and if we want it. To say that play has been lack-luster lately would be an understatement - it's been DISMAL! I want to see our team out there willing to work toward utter dominance on the ice. You've got to fight for it!

Tonight on NHPTV at the Whitt... (don't forget the Webcast, links to the right ->)

4-0 'Cats!

Remember the mantra!

This is my mantra!

I want game-in, game-out domination! I want the net bricked-in! I WANT BUCKETS OF FIRST PERIOD GOALS as well as second and third!

Keep your noses to the grindstone! Bury every puck in the back of the opposition's net and plow under anyone who gets in your way!

And for the love of a National Championship, STAY OUT OF THE PENALTY BOX!

Go 'Cats!


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