Saturday, January 27, 2007

UNH Men's Hockey Blog Poll Results!

My belief in Wildcat Nation is well placed!

With a slightly less-than-respectable turnout of 40 people the poll finished with these results...

Undefeated (didn't happen, but it still could!) - 29 Votes

PS3 - 2 votes

360 - 1 vote

World Peace - 8 votes

In a show of unmatched class, World Peace pulled in 20% of the votes and of course, Undefeated pulled in almost THREE-QUARTERS of the vote.

The 3 votes for material objects reflect the number of black bear fans that figured-out how to use the internet even though they could not read, therefore those votes - we all know that if they COULD read that they would have voted for our 'Cats going undefeated having the error of their ways shown to them and would have joined Wildcat Nation!

Come on! Is it game time yet!? Maine Sucks!!!

Go 'Cats!


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