Friday, January 26, 2007


This is a shoutout (no not a shootout, though I gladly look forward to the fact that we'll be seeing them sooner than later!) to Brett and all the members of Wildcat Nation out there!

Welcome Brett! What's your connection to the 'Cats? (email me at the worded-out email in the title box - for that matter I welcome any emails from the members of Wildcat Nation!)

So, Brett shows us how it's done on the Wildcat Nation Frappr Map!

I also want to recognize Savo and Jamie, two former great 'Cats that have showed up to continue their support of our 'Cats!

To Dan in Bellingham and Dave in Cypress and of course the Gibber in good ole New Hampshire!

And last but not least unhmom! Without whom the UNH Hockey Blog would not be possible!

*Just want to point out that members who submit a name with their Frappr Map Tag seem to stay on the map - I'm still waiting for Frappr to increase their tag allowance, perhaps the members of Wildcat Nation could contact them for me en-masse!*

So, looking forward to Saturday Night's Game! Providence at home (the game will be on the fantastic NHPTV! Which also means, WEBCAST, for those of you too far to get the signal - just look to the NHPTV links to the right and don't forget to 'pay for your admission' by donating to NHPTV and mentioning UNH Hockey). It's time to re-establish our utter dominance of the opposition at both ends of the ice.

5-0 'Cats!

Remember the mantra!

This is my mantra!

I want game-in, game-out domination! I want the net bricked-in! I WANT BUCKETS OF FIRST PERIOD GOALS as well as second and third!

Keep your noses to the grindstone! Bury every puck in the back of the opposition's net and plow under anyone who gets in your way!

And for the love of a National Championship, STAY OUT OF THE PENALTY BOX!

Go 'Cats!


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