Monday, January 22, 2007

Poll Schmoll

These polls, polls, polls!

Well, ya know what Ricky Bobby says, "If you ain't first you're last!"

Well you know what I say, who cares. The tournament is not picked based on polls so that can't be it and so that leads us to ask, just what is a poll?

According to Merriam Webster's COLLEGIATE Dictionary, Tenth Edition, (I wanna say thanks to Holy Cross for this gift that keeps giving as the recipient of the Holy Cross Book Prize, I'm forever greatful!) - no it's not that thing the attractive young ladies at your local gentleman's club use to help display their prowess, that's p-o-l-e, no, it's the broad or flat end of a striking tool, nah that's not it, ah ha, here we go, the casting or recording of the votes of a body of persons. So THAT explains it. No wonder I don't like the thing! Look were the casting of votes has got us! So, we all anxiously await someone's opinion of how college hockey teams stack up when the selection committee could care less. How 'bout we just keep a running tally such as the pairwise and or KRACH and talk about that on a weekly basis, say, Monday? OK. (By the way, our 'Cats are number one in the pairwise and that is the criteria by which the committee makes the tournament placements! But I prefer the KRACH in which we are third although I'd argue with anyone as to the disparity in our SOS as compared to st. bob or the guilded dirt-eaters)

Anyhow, this still has me wondering where all these polls find varying opinions of people related to hockey in order to justify their existence. Oh well.

Hey everyone the polls are out, hide your children!

I just want to see our 'Cats win a whole bunch more hockey games and shut-up the illegitimate chatter-boxes that say UNH will choke in the playoffs. And just to shut them up right now I'll say that from year to year a college hockey team changes so much, over 4 years entirely, that looking at history to judge playoff hockey is so illegitimate as to be calling the earth flat based on historical view-points.

Let's play hockey! Let's show everyone that we can win every game and any game. I think that the umass game illustrates an excellent point. We need to find a way to win ANY game. They came out and played an excellent game but I think that we could have found an answer and I think that we need to find an answer in every game from here on out as this is the only way that we can take a National Title. We need to put it all together and no matter how we or the other teams are playing just find or even create a way to win. It's time to leave it all on the ice. If we do, we'll finish this season as the last team on the ice at the end of the Frozen Four.

Go 'Cats!


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