Saturday, January 06, 2007

More Of The Same

Sounds so boring, but it was so exciting to watch.

I want to give a shout-out to Shawn Vinz - the straw that broke the vermont elephant's back. Well on his way to my prediction of 6 goals and 7 assists on the season. And I'm going to extend this shout-out to the entire team for stepping-up to the challenge especially in the absence of Mike Radja - last night you showed the nation and THE NATION, WILDCAT NATION, that you have more in you than anyone thought. Especially our captain, JOSH CIOCCO - WILDCAT NATION LOVES YOU MAN!

So, how 'bout it? More of the same!?

Wildcats 8, and as the hosers say, Cata-frauds 3!


Colin Hemingway has gone across the pond after scoring 23 points in 23 games with the Pensacola Ice Pilots of the ECHL. This move will put him closer to other 'Cats - Tyson Teplitsky, Lanny Gare, Preston Callander, Steve Saviano, Eric Nickulas, Derek Bekar and Mike Souza.

Darren Haydar continues his utter domination of the AHL. His scoring streak has now extended to 38 games and 78 points. At this pace he should reach his last season's point total in the next 7 games. That would leave 35 more games to play this season to best last year's point totals for which he is on pace for 164 points.

I'll try to update the 'Cats in the pros stats soon.


James vanRiemsdyk has completed his tour of duty with the bronze metal US World Junior team. I haven't found a stats page yet but I know that he accounted for at least one goal during the tournament.

The Future Cats in the USHL are continuing to inflate their point totals along with the new addition, Mike Beck. Look for a new recruit section tracking recruit point totals soon - yeah, more work for The UNH Men's Hockey Blogger Guy - isn't there anyone out there that wants to help out!?

Our Future Cats in the EJHL are just about to kick into high gear down the back-stretch of their season.


Recap - 8-3 Wildcats!

More of the same!

Remember the mantra!

This is my mantra!

I want game-in, game-out domination! I want the net bricked-in! I WANT BUCKETS OF FIRST PERIOD GOALS as well as second and third!

Keep your noses to the grindstone! Bury every puck in the back of the opposition's net and plow under anyone who gets in your way!

And for the love of a National Championship, STAY OUT OF THE PENALTY BOX!

Go 'Cats!


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