Monday, January 15, 2007


I swear I'll start getting Happy Hockey Monday back on track, one of these Mondays. Anyhow, hopefully most people had today off so tomorrow can be 'Monday'!

Well, we'll take the win. We dominated the 'puke green' in every way but the shots column so I'll stay happy with that and especially happy with Kevin Regan's play except for that first goal where we both know that he could have gotten there without that hesitation but hey, who cares! Kevin, just keep up that Tom Brady attitude - it serves you well!

I'm nominating Kevin Regan for Player of the Month! (what month? who cares!) Keep up the good work!

The rankings? They deserve spankings! So, if we spank our opponents as we have been then we'll spank the rank-ings! With umass coming up this weekend and our first home game in a while I'm looking forward to a double-helping of a freezing cold dish of revenge!

Check out all the stats! You won't find a more comprehensive list of current, past and future 'Cats anywhere. But I couldn't do it without help! A big thanks to The Official UNH Hockey Home Page, Chris Heisenberg and his Unofficial UNH Hockey Home Page, HockeyDB, and even the Official Hockey East Site (you'll still have to earn your link back and I'll tell you that you're on your way). The other sites that I obviously appreciate, The College Hockey News & Blog, and the Hockey East Blog although that guy has been a little slack lately. Well, make sure you check out these and other links in the link section and if anyone wants to contribute to this blog be sure to email me to let me know.

Go 'Cats!


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