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Luckily I can still type for this Happy Hockey Monday. I'm sorry this is being posted so late but I got out to play some hockey this morning and had some doctor's appointments later that are totally unrelated luckily. Anyhow, said hockey playing and stopping some rubber nearly cost me my typing as I took a near 100 mph shot on the blocker this morning and I can still feel where it made my blocker seem oh-so-ineffective.

Anyhow, on to the 'Cats. Alan Thompson wasn't there this morning as he has reported back to the team, and to the best of my knowledge has been cleared for at least partial practices with the team.

How 'bout them 'Cats!? I guess the coaches don't like the KRACH rankings but how 'bout that PUCK ranking from the College Hockey News Blog. The coaches were perhaps ratcheting up the stakes for the upcoming UNH-TeamThatMustNotBeNamed series seeing how we pounded the unholy crap out of them in their own building. Bring it on!

Anyhow, a couple nice wins in the 'gutter' to send us into the RiverStone Cup. Guys, let's take this seriously this year. We don't need to give up 9 goals to Dartmouth ever again, or for that matter 4 goals is too much. Let's show everyone where the men play hockey in New Hampshire as opposed to mere boys.

Well, time for dinner. Hope everyone in Wildcat Nation is doing well - make sure you scope-out the new Future Cats section under the Pros section. There's a chance I'll be back a little later if I can dig-up some more news.

Go 'Cats


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