Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Well, do I have an interesting little tidbit for the loyal of Wildcat Nation today! Went out to stop a little rubber today and who do I find on the opposite end of some blistering shots but our very own, Alan Thompson. I must say I didn't recognize him at first as I've only seen outdated pictures and we haven't seen him on the ice at the Whitt much but I believe that will change. I talked to him some about his knee surgeries and from how he looked on the ice I would never have guessed I was looking at someone with a recent history of knee problems and some lingering pain. He told me that he is hopeful that his knee issues will be resolved soon, and so am I - I wouldn't mind seeing him take to the ice in our Blue and White. But I have to do a little bragging as far as today went - I shut him down. He did tool on the other goalies though so maybe he was just taking it easy on the good ol' UNH Hockey Blogger Guy - he definitely made it fun today as he easily labeled some of the hardest shots at me that I've seen in some time. Thanks Alan!

In other news, not that it seems new, Darren Haydar continued his streak, 33 and counting.

Two days.

Go 'Cats!


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