Monday, December 18, 2006

NHPTV - Bow Down! We're Not Worthy!

I want to give a big thanks for the link image to the uber-fans at New Hampshire Public Television.

Thank you for all of the great hockey coverage. Those of you who suck enough to have a high-speed, broadband connection also have the ability to watch the live webcasts of the televised games AND the archived broadcasts of games[title linked by this post]. UNBELIEVABLE! I LOVE YOU NHPTV! (just as a note, I'm on dial-up and I'm afraid to even try the webcasts... I may give them a try but I have the feeling that I'm looking at an extremely long download/buffering time - someone let me know if I'm wrong about this)

So, just remember - if you love UNH Hockey, if you have a broadband internet connection, no matter where you are you owe it to the great folks at NHPTV to donate and help pay for the unique and amazing coverage of our UNH Wildcat Hockey! Open up those wallets this holiday season to give yourself a little treat and keep this great coverage coming and with enough donations even, if it's possible, improving!


Go 'Cats!


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