Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ken McKenzie Award - Trivia

Ken McKenzie was the hockey writer extraordinaire and a strong proponent of hockey becoming mainstream as he recognized as we do the greatest sport in the world.

The Award, given to the player judged to be the top American born player in their first year of competition in the IHL (also awarded in the CHL and the CHL - Canadian and Central Hockey Leagues - I don't think the trophy is awarded any longer), was won by three former UNH Wildcats.

1979 - Jon Fontas
1998 - Eric Nickulas
1999 - Mark Mowers

See if your slacker friends that don't visit the UNH Men's Hockey Blog often enough can tell you all three!


A couple of players have been added to the pro's list - many more to come.

Wildcat Nation as represented by our Frappr Map has grown to nearly 200 members! Keep spreading the word.

Still looking for writers to contribute and help show the world that UNH Hockey and UNH Hockey Fans are the best in the world!


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