Wednesday, December 06, 2006


James VanRiemsdyk improves his resume. The youngest player selected for the US Junior Team this year! JVR is also the tallest forward for the team. This kid just keeps looking better and better - I just can't wait to see him in that blue and white with UNH across the chest. How 'bout a shout out to Middletown, NJ! Much success my man! We'll be cheering for you from Wildcat Nation! Speaking of which our Frappr Map is just exploding, with members of Wildcat Nation coming out in droves - keep spreading the word!

*Forgot to mention, the title of this post links to the USAHockey page were the roster was released!*

Then (the comparisons are inevitable and the idea that their point totals have a good chance at being bested is almost frightening) you have Jason Krog and Darren Haydar. Just go to the AHL Front Page. Krog is on pace for 175 points! Haydar is on pace for 160 points! Haydar will reach 400 career AHL points in the AHL with just 4 more points (regular season + playoffs = 396 points in 373 games). BOTH could break the single season point record for the AHL this year which has stood for 14 years(Don Biggs with 138pts, 54g-84a, 92-93). Another interesting note, Haydar has YET to record a hat-trick this year - Krog has done it twice! Referred to as the Three-Headed Monster along with Brett Sterling, they are unstoppable. Amazing.

*NEW AS OF 11:00AM*

What can you say about Lowell? Lanny Gare has us covered there with his famous quote in case you forgot, "I'd rather be stabbed in Lowell than a Black Bear in Maine." They're a team who's average attendance in their 6496 capacity arena only draws about 3,016 people on average and I'm sure that number swells when UNH comes to town! From the UNH fans! By comparison our 'Cats draw 6367 to top the capacity of the 6110 seat Whittemore Center and we usually draw more than 9,000 when we play in our home away from home, the Verizon Wireless Center in Manchester, NH.

You can see a nice comparison by the good folks at the College Hockey News.

There is a little revenge to be served up as a side to dining on bird tonight. And what better place to serve a dish best served cold than on the ice. Last time we played Lowell Trevor Smith required stitches before he could return to the game. If I was a Lowell fan I'd look to get into the witness protection program, 7-2 'Cats. Come on 'Cats, pulverize those hawks into pigeons!

Catch the game on the radio or the Yahoo! Broadcast, as always in my link section. I'll try to be set up to do running updates here tonight but I can't make any promises.

UNH Hockey baby!

Go 'Cats!


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