Saturday, December 30, 2006

In Other News!

Well, somewhat gladly, I wasn't at home listening to the game last night. Instead I caught the Monarchs playing Worcester, with the Worcester Sharks bringing not one, not two but THREE UNH Wildcats to the Verizon Wireless Arena (I would say former Wildcats but if you've put in every year you could for the Blue and White then you're a 'Cat for life). Garrett Stafford plays D for the Sharks and is their go to guy on the power play - last night, late in the game down a goal they repeatedly fed the puck to Stafford for some blasts from the point hoping to tie it up. Unfortunately for the Sharks their goaltending was not up to the challenge from the opening whistle; the other unfortunate was that Stafford was out-hussled for an empty-net goal to close out the game. Josh Prudden was called up for this game, he has played 9 games for them this year and has 6 assists, one last night. He has spent most of his time playing for this AHL club since leaving UNH but this year was bumped when the team moved - hopefully he gets to settle back in not too far from home and his Alma Mater. Now the big surprise... Sean Collins suited up for Worcester last night. As I looked across the ice in warm-ups I saw a very familiar looking player with the last name 'Collins' across the shoulders and as he turned I saw that characteristic wild-man beard and knew for sure. I say surprised because he has been called-up three times for the Philadelphia Phantoms so I wasn't expecting to see him in Worcester. He looked very good out there tonight finding his teammates with some incredible passes. It isn't hard to tell why he has well over a point per game, nearly two, in the ECHL. It was good to see you guys! Keep up the good work! And Wildcat Nation is cheering you on every step of the way!

I was fortunate enough to get out and play the greatest game on Earth with Alan Thompson among some other excellent hockey players. He hadn't seen my post here yet so I told him that I told all of you that I shut him down on Wednesday - I probably should have waited till after we played. Yesterday he took it to me a bit more and I gave as good as I got so we'll call yesterday even - which means I currently maintain the lead in our match-ups! We'll see how long I can hold out.

And last but certainly not least. The scoring machine that is Darren Haydar continues his streak, 35 games, and his ridiculously absurdly insane scoring with yet another four point night to bring his totals to 74 points - that's 22 goals and 52 assists. I'd love to be living in the Chicago area! Let's put it this way, Mark Hartigan (some may recognize the name) took 49 games to score 75 points last year. And that was good enough for the 15th spot among AHL scorers. With just 35 games played, Haydar already ranks 16th among the top scorers last year (he was 5th with 92 points) - as I continually say, what a time to be a UNH Hockey Fan and a Member of Wildcat Nation.

Go 'Cats!


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