Monday, December 11, 2006


Happy Hockey Monday!

Hockey Holiday Monday!

Holy Hockey Moments!

I could keep going...

But I won't. It's a late HHM post today as I went to see a little rubber this morning. As always, a bad day playing hockey is better than a good day at work. So I've returned home exhausted but feel obligated to bring the loyal some hockey news.

Ryan Bourque (yes, THAT Bourque!) is being recruited by UNH after having played in the Beantown Classic right here at the Whitt. If he decided to come to UNH he would not do so until 2009. And why should he? UNH projects to have one of the most potent line-ups in college hockey right about then, that's why. Plus his sister did go to UNH to play lacrosse so who knows?

The Streak continues, and the mangy mutts that write the majority of college hockey continue to drool waiting for a sign of weakness. It must not come. Anybody that has any questions or potential story ideas should shoot us an email - just look for the spelled out email address in the title box.

Did a little story about recruits yesterday. Make sure you check out The Unofficial UNH Hockey Home Page in the links section. Find recruits playing near you and go watch. You will probably be in for some of the best, cheap hockey around. And wear your Blue and White - I'm sure they'll appreciate it and be more hungry than ever to come to Durham and make a name for themselves in front of all the Wildcat Faithful in Wildcat Nation.

Well, the holidays are upon us and hockey takes a brief (still too long!) back seat but we'll be here at the UNH Men's Hockey Blog to bring you whatever stories we can dig up. So, stop in from time to time and enjoy the holidays!

Go 'Cats!


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