Sunday, December 03, 2006


Today's game brings two long-undefeated teams under the same roof. The University of New Hampshire Wildcats, as we all know, undefeated in 9 games. The University of Vermont Catamounts undefeated in 7 games. Our 'Cats bring the most explosive offense in the country. Having scored back-to-back goals in under a minute multiple times this year, the opposition blinks and their team could be down by three goals. Their Cats bring in some of the most boring, stagnant hockey possible. They fill up the center of the ice, make sure that shots don't reach the net and those that do they try to make sure it is easily handled by their sieve. Blink and you may fall asleep watching a Vermont game. UNH has seen trap-defenses all year, Vermont on the other hand has rarely seen an offensive juggernaut of the likes of our 'Cats. Advantage UNH Wildcats.

Following the mantra, with added emphasis, I predict 5-1 'Cats, WILDCATS!

Remember the mantra!

This is my mantra!

I want game-in, game-out domination! I want the net bricked-in! I WANT BUCKETS OF FIRST PERIOD GOALS as well as second and third!

Keep your noses to the grindstone! Bury every puck in the back of the opposition's net and PLOW UNDER ANYONE THAT GETS IN YOUR WAY!

Go 'Cats!

NOTE: Anyone who knows what channels on what stations the game will be carried please comment with such information. Thanks, TUMHBG.


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