Thursday, December 28, 2006

An Absolute Absurdity!

Darren Haydar scored and assisted twice to bring his point total to 70 in just 34 games - for those without a calculator handy that's 2.06pts per game. For the love of the Hockey Gods! He's still on pace for 164 points in the season which is just as I've said, An ABSOLUTE ABSURDITY! It's such a good time to be a UNH Hockey Fan.

Saw the new jerseys... well, the decor could be a little better but if they perform then wear'em. Although, I have the feeling that they may not be a very popular fashion statement on the street - there goes jersey sales! I'm curious as to a weight comparison with the old jerseys as Nike claims that they managed to slash the weight by 400 grams - for the metrically challenged that's .88 lbs. By some crude weighing in my basement, I'm reckoning that is an 80% weight reduction, of one pound that is. And wind tunnel tests... what's next streamlined helmets like the tour de lance?

HA HA! One Day!

Go 'Cats!


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